We set out to answer a simple quetions:
How can we better fuel an active lifestyle while keeping a balanced diet? Our answer was the creation of Primal Bakery; a line of high-protein, Keto Certified, and vegan baked goods.

Primal Bakery products are made only with the best-quality, non-GMO, and clean ingredients which are thoughtfully and sustainably sourced. Not only do they taste great but are good for you. We are dedicated to bringing you the most delicious and sustainable goods, from our bakery to you table.

Our Mission

At Primal Bakery, we believe in the simple idea that eating well equals feeling well. Our mission is to keep you at your healthiest every day by infusing smart and simple nutrition into every baked product. From our first batches to the latest innovations, we're dedicated to redefining wholesome indulgence and chasing the next big idea in well-being.

Our Mission

From our founder

"We realize how important is our health and the food we eat. Primal Bakery is our tool to bring better products to our tables—less carbs, more protein, more fiber, no sugar, no preservatives nor additives. In a category not often associated with healthy eating habits, we aim to innovate, be creative, and contribute to making the bakery world a better place."
Santiago Urti -CEO

Our Founder


Since our beginning, we have remained committed to the idea of providing nutritious and
better-for-you baked goods to the market. In our journey to do so, we partnered with the
Paleo Foundation and achieved the KETO Certification in all our products.


We prioritize quality and nutritional integrity in our products. Our crackers derive their substantial protein content from meticulously sourced organic pea protein. Additionally, our bread and wraps are fortified with organic, non-GMO soy protein to provide a wholesome source of protein for your dietary needs. With a focus on premium ingredients, we ensure each bite is packed with nourishment to fuel your day.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and ethics. Our products are certified organic, sourced meticulously from trusted suppliers. Moreover, we uphold vegan principles by excluding any animal-derived ingredients or byproducts from our entire range. With a focus on purity and sustainability, we ensure every bite aligns with your values while delivering exceptional taste and nutrition.

Our products harness the power of natural seeds to fuel your day with sustained energy. Packed with an abundance of nutrient-rich seeds, they deliver a wholesome source of vitality to support your active lifestyle, ensuring you stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Our entire line-up of products are KETO Certified by the Paleo Foundation. Additionally, our bread and wraps are STAR-K Kosher certified, and are manufactured in a BRC certified facility.

Our products are crafted with care to meet various dietary preferences and needs. While they aren't gluten-free, they are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure exceptional taste and quality for all our customers.