Our Mission

We believe in a simple philosophy: you are what you eat; eat well and be well. To keep you performing at your best (both physically and mentally) all day, every day, we’re always pursuing a vision of simply better nutrition in every baked product. Yes, every baked good–from our very first trays of protein/keto/vegan bread, wraps and crackers to our next big idea.

Good nutrition for all bodies and diets, always. This is also why we’re called Primal Bakery: it’s a reminder of our mission to go back to basics; to only offer wholesome ingredients–that promote good health–from trusted sources.

Keto Certified Products

From our earlier days we committed to the idea of bringing nutritious and better-for-you bakery products to the market, in our path to do so we partnered with The Paleo Foundation and achieved the Keto Certification in all our products.

From our founder

“… and at that point we realized how important is our health and the food we eat. Then we wanted to bring better bakery products to our tables, less carbs, more protein, more fiber, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives in a category not often related to healthy eating habits. Primal Bakery is our tool to do so, to be innovative and creative, to make the bakery world a better place… “

Social Responsibility

Primal Bakery isn’t only committed to our vision of healthier food and healthier people, we’re also working hard for a healthier planet. We want to leave the land better than we found it. Our planet-friendly business practices– from offsetting our emissions to supporting organic, Non-GMO farmers, to recycling–helps ensure that our products can forge a more sustainable path forward.